Links to Vital Sites

Act for America  too wimpy for me but IF their method works great!!!

America in Decline

Bare Naked Islam

Center for the Study of Political Islam   recommended

Citizen Warrior  FaceBook

Citizen Warrior  Web site

Counter-Jihad Coalition

Counter Jihad Report  I like this site

Creeping Sharia

Discover the Networks  tracing tyrannical evil forces

Far Left Watch

Gates of Vienna

Historyscoper’s Islam Watch Blog

Illegal Alien Crime

Infidel Task Force

Investigative Project on Terrorism

Iran Aware  Blog. Good content

Islamist Watch

Jihad Watch

Political Islam   videos, etc.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Religion of Peace

Savvy Kafir  lots of info, video and links

Stop the Islamization of the USA Pegida USA

United West  uniting western civilization for freedom & liberty