Europe-related Sites

At the FaceBook sites try the “photos” link. Many of those sites have excellent pics that assist with conveying to others the danger that Islam and various barbarian invaders pose to all Western countries. I save some of the pics for later use in blog posts and other places where pics can be posted.

Allah’s Willing Executioners

Defend Europa

Europe Reloaded   (blog)

European Civil War

European Defence League

European Freedom Initiative – EFI News

European Nationalism

European Union Times

Facts Fun and News on Islam   (Dutch blog?)

German Defence League – Berlin Division  mostly Germanic

Hasta la Vista Europe   FaceBook

Infidels of Britain  FaceBook

Infidels of Britain  Web Site

“Islam” Infection

National Front  Britain

Norwegian Defence League

Patriot promotional page

PEGIDA Iceland

Pegida Norway

Pegida promotional page Scotland

PEGIDA Schweiz  Swiss language

Pegida Steiermark  German language?

Save My Sweden

Saxon Messenger

Stop the invasion of Europe/People’s Voice

This is Europa  FaceBook

This is Europa  Web Site  Read the “our focus” section.

Voorpost Europa