Know Your Opponents

Western people face a multi-pronged attack. The Web sites here may not have Western people’s best interests at heart. You decide if these people, organizations, associations, etc. pose a threat to our Western ways of life.

Many organizations have a Web site with an accompanying FaceBook site and other accompanying sites such as a YouTube channel, a Google-plus site or other sites that convey information. Facebook is typically updated the soonest. At any Web site you visit look for links to accompanying sites along with links to other groups, organizations, etc. To understand your/our enemies takes some time and effort. If you want to save the West do what too many Westerners are too lazy or complacent to do. To defeat the forces destroying our beloved Western ways requires an informed populace. Be one of those informed Western patriots to assist with spreading the word and mustering the forces needed to win this ongoing war. And war it is!!!

Knowledge IS power, patriots. Our current war is at the “information level.” A battle for hearts and minds is on. Educate yourselves to assist your efforts with informing fellow Westerners of the severe peril facing us and to counter the tidal wave of tyrannical elite propaganda engulfing all the Western world. Please notice that some of these organizations are aware of how Infidels view them. To avoid bad publicity they are slithering into Western societies. I do not expect them to remain subtle as the decades go by and the continuing invasion and very high birth rates propel Mohamed’s children to large percentages of Western population with majority Moslem Western countries a possibility in the future. An Islamic Web site may appear peaceful and desirous of a lovely wonderful coexistence with what the Moslem barbarians declare are infidels doomed to Hell fires. However, its mere presence is dangerous as is the presence of any Moslem in Western lands. This thought may seem severe but… we are in a state of war. A war that will determine of Western cultures, societies and countries survive or become occupied territories for barbarian hordes and the elite tyrannical class that will lord over all.

This is not an all-encompassing list of Islamic and non-Islamic possibly anti-West Web sites. If you believe a link here poses no threat to our beloved West please make a note in the comment area below. I will investigate thoroughly and remove the link if I agree with you. If I do not agree your comment will remain but so will the link.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK

Al Forqan  Canada-based newspaper Built-in translator, look at top right

Alliance for Shared Values

Alt Muslimah

American Islamic Forum for Democracy

Antifascist News

Assembly of Turkish-American Associations  (ATAA)

Council on American-Islamic Relations  (CAIR)

Dawoodi Bohra Women for Religious Freedom

Democracy Alliance

Emgage  (USA based)

European Council for Fatwa and Research in UK

European Institute of Human Sciences (Birmingham)

Fairfax Institute

Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe

Fethullah Gülen

The Guardian  (possible Western traitor?)

Hizb ut Tahrir

Hizmet Movement News Portal

International Institute of Islamic Thought

Islam Web  Spanish, French & German pages available. Countries the barbarians want to conquer. Know your enemies within and outside your country.

Islamic Circle of North America  (ICNA)

Islamic College  (Britain)

Islamic Foundation

Islamic Monthly

Islamic Movement in Nigeria  (Islam IS a world-wide infestation)

Islamic Networks Group

Islamic Society of Britain

Islamic Society of North America  (ISNA)

Islamic Supreme Council of Canada

Khalifa of Islam

Media Matters for America  supports war against Whites/Western civilization

Montreal-Antifasciste   (Canada  English and French language)

Moslem Defense League

Muhammadan Way

Muslim American  (media)

Muslim American Society

Muslim ARC

Muslim Association of Britain

Muslim Brotherhood Official English Web Site

Muslim Council of Britain

Muslim Girl

Muslim Matters

Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK  (MPACUK)

Muslim Student Association  (MSA)

The Muslim Times

Muslim World League

National Council of Canadian Muslims  (NCCM)

Niagara Foundation

Niagara Foundation  Twitter

North American Islamic Trust  (NAIT)

Organization of Islamic Cooperation  (OIC)  portal: select your language

Pacifica Institute

Ramadhan Foundation  (occupied Britain)

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Rise and Resist

Rise and Resist Immigration Group

Southern Poverty Law Center  (SPLC)

World Assembly of Muslim Youth  (Great Britain only?)

Young Muslims UK  FaceBook

Your Daily Muslim


The Hizmet Movement is mentioned at several of the links above. My suspicions are aroused. Stay alert.