Western countries under attack from within and by invasion. The threat is real. Elite-owned media and other venues bombard us with propaganda that we must embrace diversity and multiculturalism. I and many others are trying to counter that never-ending barrage of self-serving crap forced upon us. Traitors among us willingly assist their tyrannical elite-class masters or do so by “I am just doing my job.” Government bureaucrats are most apt to proclaim their innocence of harming the West with that lame excuse.

The main topic of this site may seem simple and basic but is actually extremely complex and convoluted. I wish I had the brainpower to understand all the ins-and outs of the perils to Western civilization. Since I do not I rely upon others’ words and links to the Web sites where they are located. I will add my own thoughts when I deem them appropriate. Thank you for visiting and I hope you join the growing cohort of folks trying to counter the propaganda and indoctrination of powerful forces trying to negatively alter our Western ways of life.