New Zealand mosque gunman pleads guilty to murder, terrorism


“The man who committed the worst atrocity in New Zealand’s modern history when he slaughtered 51 worshippers at two Christchurch mosques unexpectedly pleaded guilty to all charges Thursday.”


Western traitors assisting the barbarian hordes with their 1,300 years of invasion and conquest determined to spread their Death Cult across the planet.

Prepare, patriots. Extremely powerful forces are intent upon destroying Western civilization. I hope that patriot Western warrior Brenton Tarrant is not attacked by any Moslem filth inside that prison or by any guards who may be Moslem filth.

The traitors assisting the invading hordes are the ones that should be caged!!! Here is a link to a news story by Moslem barbarian scum who blame the well-earned hatred Westerners have for that barbarian horde as due to “White supremacism.”

Centuries of white supremacism to blame for Christchurch shooting

If Westerners invaded Islamic countries and tried to force our ways upon them how successful would our efforts be? Would we be murdered quickly or would our deaths be prolonged so as to maximize the agony?

The propaganda and indoctrination by tyrannical elites that control corporate entities that, in turn, operate the propaganda systems work endlessly to pave the way for the destruction of Western civilization. Do your duty and inform as many other Westerners possible of the realities of the perils confronting our blessed, sacred Western ways of life. We must not go down without a fight. Western warriors must do their best to attain total victory against the evil forces within and the horrors invading from afar.

Prepare, patriots. Dire days grow ever closer.


New Zealand mosque gunman pleads guilty to murder, terrorism

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