The Virus That Shames China – YouTube

New Zealand prime minister/traitor


I was mostly agreeing with you, Pat Condell, until you griped about the manner in which the way the China government is dealing with their Islamic menace. Moslems are a danger to any non-Islamic country and people and among the Islamic cesspools if one country or area is one type of Islam and abuts a different type of Islam the slaughter can be horrific… as with the Iraq/Iran war of the past.

I support any country, society or culture and even individuals such as Western warrior/hero Brenton Tarrant of Christchurch, New Zealand who fought back against the barbarian invaders in the only manner the Western traitors running New Zealand, Australia and many other western countries, allow. Vile traitor politicians and bureaucrats and their traitor lackeys tossed hero Tarrant into a cage. That is where those traitors belong. Islam is far more dangerous than the current virus.

Patriots, prepare to repel the barbarian hordes overwhelming Greece and most other European countries. Canada traitors assist the invaders as do traitors within the USA and elsewhere. Know your enemies!!!



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