UK Government Says Insulting Someone’s Appearance is Now a Hate Crime

Hordes, legions of vile barbarian filth invading Britain with but a handful of Western warrior patriots standing strong against evil. And, sadly, the many traitors in government, political and bureaucratic positions are assisting the invaders


“Calling someone “ugly” is not a crime and being ugly is not a disability, so the Home Office is completely inaccurate in claiming insulting someone “because of the way they look” is a hate crime.

The only loophole here is that the UK’s hate crime law is so absurdly vast, so-called hate crimes are investigated when an offense is “perceived by the victim or any other person” to have taken place. This means incidents that are clearly not hate crimes are investigated and often logged as hate crimes or “hate incidents” anyway.

The UK is currently experiencing record high violent crime rates and stabbings, stretching police resources to the limit.But thank God that our government is hot on the case of preventing verbal insults.”

Perhaps if Britain becomes the first caliphate it may actually be an improvement over the government and society that failed loser country now has. If the Moslem barbarian filth take control that island can be boycotted and an embargo placed around the dump so that anything coming in or out is destroyed. Total isolation will lead to famine and social turmoil and a huge die-off as famine, pestilence and civil turmoil culls the population to a small fraction of what fills that foul island now.

After the huge die-off it will be relatively easy to enter and ship the survivors to far away non-Western lands then reclaim the island for Western civilization. Repopulate the place with Western warriors that will not tolerate traitors or invading Moslem filth or barbarians from 2nd- and 3rd-world lands.

What the future holds for that strange bizarre Britain can only be guessed at but I do not expect much good to happen until Western patriots invade and force Western ways back upon that island.


UK Government Says Insulting Someone’s Appearance is Now a Hate Crime – Summit News

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