Orbán on Coronavirus: Human Life Priority, No Financial Restrictions to Emergency Measures


“On the coronavirus pandemic, PM Orbán stressed that human life is the priority, for which there are “no financial restrictions” to the emergency measures.”

“Hungary has successfully protected itself against migration, and continues to oppose European bureaucrats’ proposals of a distribution system, he said.

Hungary is capable of defending its stance on migration and refuses to give in to Brussels’s “flawed migration policy”, Orbán said.

Only Hungarians have the right to decide whom they will allow into their country, the prime minister said. “This is a Hungarian matter, it’s about our life and our country and we won’t allow anyone to destroy our way of life and hard-fought achievements with bad ideas, advice or instructions,” Orbán said.”


I am a USA resident and we have ample numbers of vile filthy traitor scum of our own and too many unwanted refugees and invaders from other countries and even the huge dishonor of a Somali Moslem filth infesting our Congress!!! THE HORROR!!!!

Stay strong Hungary and every country and patriot standing up to those filth infesting that European Union. Traitors seek to destroy Western civilization. Prepare for total war. Stop the invading barbarians and herd the traitors in our midst into HARD-LABOR camps where those vile filth can never harm our beloved civilization and home lands again!!!


Orbán on Coronavirus: Human Life Priority, No Financial Restrictions to Emergency Measures – Hungary Today

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