PICS: Greek Border in Flames as Migrants Keep Trying to Break Through


Dramatic pictures and video are emerging of fires raging along the border between Greece and Turkey, as migrants — aided and even armed by the Turks, according to the Greeks — continue their efforts to force their way in.

The European Union, including the United Kingdom, funnelled billions of euros to the Islamist government in Ankara in an effort to persuade it to bring the migrant crisis under a modicum of control after hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossings, often by sea, in 2015-16.

That deal unravelled at the end of February 2020, as Turkish president Reep Tayyip Erdogan announced migrants were free to pass through his country and into Europe, seemingly as punishment for the West’s failure to offer sufficient support to his invasion of Syria, which has become fraught with danger as his forces clash with the Russian-backed Syrian government in Idlib province.”


The avowed enemy of Western patriots is the invading barbarians AND the traitors among our own Western people!!! The tyrannical elite-owned media and the lackeys within the media are spitting upon Western civilization by ignoring these assaults upon our sacred homelands!!! These are complicated issues and seek enlightenment at the many Web sites covering these issues. There are a multitude on the Web. They lack the reach that monolithic corporations have but those small outlets DO cover these topics so vital to our interests of stopping these ongoing brutal invasions and steady attacks against our Western cultures, people, societies, countries and our civilization as a whole.

Unite, patriots. The assaults are real as are the dangers. Prepare, patriots. Western civilization MUST NOT BE VANQUISHED!!!


PICS: Greek Border in Flames as Migrants Keep Trying to Break Through



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