Finland: Millennial Govt to ‘Help’ Greece By Helping Migrants Claim Asylum


“Finland’s millennial feminist-led govt is sending personnel to the Greek border — and wants to “support” Greece to let in asylum seekers.”


Traitors to Finland and Western civilization must be locked up awaiting trial for spitting upon Finland and all of the people of the West and Western civilization itself. If found guilty and they are in a political or bureaucratic position the penalty should be life at HARD-LABOR to send a message to any Westerner currently involved with assisting the invading barbarian hordes or are considering doing so.

Western civilization is at WAR!!! All our countries are besieged by barbarian filth and have vile scum traitors in our midst. Some patriots advocate hanging traitors but I prefer years to decades to life at hard-labor and preferably under military control where failure to perform can result in flogging and, as a very last resort for the worst of those refusing to perform their punishment, public hanging.

To save taxpayer money  perhaps consider allowing the Western traitors to permanently leave all Western countries for life. Allow the vile vermin to depart to a Moslem cesspool or sub-Saharan Africa. Return to a Western country and the penalty is public hanging immediately upon being captured. Those Finnish dames spitting upon the West would likely sell quickly at top-dollar in a mid-east slave market. Those traitor dames would likely prefer that over hard-labor. Good riddance.




Finland: Millennial Govt to ‘Help’ Greece By Helping Migrants Claim Asylum

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