Marine Le Pen Calls For Referendum to Stop “Submersion” of France via Mass Immigration


“Marine Le Pen has called for a national referendum in order to stop what she called the “submersion” of France via a “globalist” program of mass immigration. Speaking during a debate on the issue in the French Parliament, the leader of the National Rally political party scorched the political establishment for overseeing the dilution of French identity at the expense of ordinary people.

Le Pen said the last 30 years of immigration laws were designed to ineffective and resulted in “nothing more than political grandstanding.”She said the French people “recognise that uncontrolled immigration is a threat, a threat to their daily lives, to their way of life, and even, at times, a threat to their lives.””


Maybe the French people want to be slaves to their Moslem masters and the barbarian sub-humans swarming in from sub-Saharan Africa. If they muster around patriots and start fighting back against the invading filth then that proves they want freedom. Those French who are known for being experts at surrender will show the world what they are made of.


Marine Le Pen Calls For Referendum to Stop “Submersion” of France via Mass Immigration – Summit News

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