Citizen Warrior: Islamic Invasion



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“This is a war. Freedom against slavery. Am I overstating my case? Not even close. When you live in an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law, you have to pray 5 times a day. Women have to be accompanied by a male relative wherever they go, and they cannot get a job. They have no voice, they have no rights. Men are slaves to the Islamic state, and women are the mens’ slaves. (Read first-hand accounts of what it is like in an Islamic state.)

You probably know all this already. But many people, in their passionate commitment to multiculturalism, refuse to entertain the idea. Try talking about the nature of militant Islam in polite company, and most people will gasp as if you had blasphemed, and they will passionately defend Islam, even if they know nothing about it.

This is multicultural tolerance working to defend the right of everyone to believe as they wish. If it wasn’t so dangerous in the long run, even a blind commitment to multiculturalism would be beautiful in its own way. But if orthodox Muslims gain more power, recruits, and technology, militant Islam will become harder and harder to ignore, and the situation will become increasingly serious.

We the people of the West, people who live in liberal democracies, will need to unify to preserve our liberties. We will need a powerful unifying belief we can passionately defend. When that time comes, remember: One possible answer is freedom.”


As “multiculturalism is currently practiced and negatively affecting life in Western countries I view it as a severe danger. Along with that touted diversity crap. Let like-people live together and have others with differing lifestyles incompatible with the first group band together and enjoy life. It is a tribal thing. It is how countries coalesce and unify. Folks can visit and mingle but when it is time to go home where most of one’s time is spent (for me, that is a city in a state within the USA) being around people with similar customs, mores, beliefs, etc. makes a more pleasant living experience.

The Gays tend to clump together as seen in the Castro District of San Francisco. It is a Gay-friendly place that I avoid. No one is harmed by my not being there. The Mormons are the vast majority in many mid-size and smaller towns in the general Utah area. They are doing fine. Should we place Somali Moslem “refugees” upon them to force beloved diversity and multiculturalism upon them? HELL NO!!!! Rise up and FIGHT to prevent that travesty!!!!

Whatever is required the Islamic invasion MUST BE STOPPED!!!

Prepare, patriots. Western civilization must be saved from the barbarian onslaught and the traitors among us intent upon destroying Western civilization.


Citizen Warrior

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