Migrant Shot Dead by Greek Police as Border Clashes Grow


“Greek border police have shot dead a Syrian migrant attempting to reach Europe as clashes grow following Turkey’s announcement that the border was “open.”

The Greek border is being besieged by thousands of migrants convinced they can reach EU welfare havens following Ankara’s decision to stand down. Following clashes that saw migrants pelt police with rocks and other objects, one victim was shot through the mouth and died at the scene .“This is the first reported death among immigrants trying to cross the border from Turkey to Greece,” tweeted journalist Jenan Moussa. “ A Syrian man is shot dead by Greek border guards. Here is the video.””


If I tried to invade a sovereign country I would expect to be stopped in ANY MANNER required. Hooray for Greece!!! Line Europe’s borders with troops with orders to shoot all invaders. I expect the kindhearted Western warriors to avoid harming children. Let them run back the way they came from or gather them for deportation to home countries. Word will quickly spread among the barbarian ranks that to invade a European country is to die. No doubts, no guessing. Death awaits invaders.

While securing the borders root out the traitors in our midst. Get Soros and MANY others on trial. Merkel, you are not too old for HARD-LABOR. You can’t work as hard as a younger person but we can make your life miserable until you die and relieve us of your vile presence.

The wealthy elite-class assisting the destruction of our beloved Western civilization will have ALL their wealth seized and HARD-LABOR awaits them.

Western people, our beloved civilization and cultures and countries are in peril. Mortal enemies besiege us as invaders and traitors within are spitting upon us. Time to spit back. Spit back with votes and, if required, bullets.

Prepare for total war, patriots. Anything is better than being enslaved by the invading barbarians and the tyrannical elites.


Migrant Shot Dead by Greek Police as Border Clashes Grow – Summit News






IDOMENI, GREECE - FEBRUARY 29: Refugees break the fence on the Greek-Macedonia border on February 29, 2016 in Idomeni, Greece. A group of refugees forced the gate in an attempt to enter Macedonia. 7 refugees were injured during the riot. Tear gas and sound grenades were fired to clear the railway. The transit camp has become overcrowded as refugees continue to arrive from Athens and the Greek Islands. Macedonia opened its border with Greece allowing 580 refugees a day to cross into the country. According to local authorities 7000 refugees and migrants, mostly from Syria, remain stuck at the border as they wait to enter Macedonia to journey to Western Europe. (Photo by Pierre Crom/Getty Images)



Migrants are seen in a boat as they are rescued by Libyan coast guards in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya



globalism division by design divide and conquer invasion



jihad Moslem knife invasion






Europe invasion boat Africans



Pope traitor Islam Moslem Christian morality

Traitors above and below. Remove them from power. Hard-labor for life is the appropriate reward for those wanting Western civilization destroyed




we are aall Moslems



sex slave Moslem master refugees

Well, if the Moslem barbarian(s) do not cut their heads off after using them in every manner possible.



Moslem kids children learning to kill infidels tolerate Islam




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