Congolese Migrants Riot in Paris, Set Fire to Dozens of Vehicles


“A crowd consisting primarily of Congolese migrants rioted in Paris, setting fire to dozens of vehicles as firefighters battled blazes around the Gare de Lyon train station.

The station was partially evacuated late Friday as police urged the public to avoid the area.“At least 30 motorcycles, scooters & rental cars have been torched. Part of a building was also set alight,” tweeted reporter Oliver Miocic.”


France surrenders to rampaging feral, barbaric 80 IQ Negroes. Who will eventually win the battle and occupy France and make slaves out of the cowardly, weak, brainwashed White French folks? The sub-Saharan African barbarian sub-humans or the invading Moslem horde?

There is no doubt, in my mind. Those Moslem barbarians are warriors, unlike so MANY Westerners. Those African Negroes WILL OBEY the Moslems or die. On the spot. That is the only method to control those African sub-humans. And as discovered by the invading Moslem horde violence cows the cowardly French so victory over that slave-minded cohort is assured. Well… MAYBE the French will find the backbone to muster their Western forces and use their superior firepower to destroy the invading filth. But, will they?

The future will tell.


Congolese Migrants Riot in Paris, Set Fire to Dozens of Vehicles – Summit News



Macron Soros France globalism



Macron globalist skunk cartoon France



France dripping blood



France's former Minister of the Economy Emmanuel Macron looks on after handling over power to French Minister of Finance and also current Minister of Economy Michel Sapin in Paris, on August 31, 2016 following his resignation as economy minister.
France's Emmanuel Macron vowed after stepping down as economy minister on August 30, 2016 to "transform" an ailing country but stopped short of declaring a presidential run. The 38-year-old said he had "seen at first hand the limits of our political system" and that quitting the government of President Francois Hollande would enable him "to be free" to push forward his own agenda.
 / AFP / PHILIPPE LOPEZ        (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)



Macron traitor to France



meme Italy vs. France




French President Francois Hollande (R) and French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron (L) attend the Nouvelle France Industrielle event at the Elysee Palace in Paris on May 23, 2016.

 / AFP / POOL / CHARLES PLATIAU        (Photo credit should read CHARLES PLATIAU/AFP/Getty Images)



France Europe political correctness









Europe Eurabia Islam invade conquer



Traitors Europe



Allah willing invade Europe



European Union



EU European Union dictatorship tyrants overlords



Soros Europe borderss refugees










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