Destroy Western Civilization. Islam Shall Dominate the World

infidel nation proud enemy of Islam


Patriots, 1,400 years of invasion and conquest is ample proof that evil vile forces are at loose within the USA. Patriots, prepare. Use EVERY PEACEFUL method possible to repel those hostile barbarians. Look to Europe where the Moslem hordes are rampaging to see our fate and worse in the near future. Prepare for every eventuality. The Founders’ writings tell us what must be done when tyranny rears its ugly head. Ugliness has risen in Congress, within CAIR and across the USA in many places. Peaceful methods first, always. At least us Westerners are civilized unlike the evil confronting us. However, before we ever allow defeat we must be prepared for any worst-case scenario. Victory must be ours. If not, a New Dark Age will descend with us infidels mere serfs and slaves to our Islamic overlords.


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