The Islamic Trade in European Slaves


Below is an excerpt from the essay. Follow the link for the entire sordid tale of debauchery and pure evil practiced by the vermin currently invading Europe and all Western countries. It is only a matter of more numbers allowed by the traitors in our midst until those vile filth start enslaving the infidels/kaffirs they hate.


“What then of the total number of Europeans enslaved by the Ottoman Turks and their allies between the fifteenth and nineteenth century? By mainstream estimates around 1 million were taken by the Barbary pirates; around 3 million by the Crimean Tartars from Russia/Ukraine; about 1 million by the Tartars and Turks from the Caucasus, and about 10 million (by the most conservative estimate) by the Ottomans themselves from central Europe and the Balkans. This gives a grand total of 15 million – far more than European slave-traders took from Africa in the same period. Yet this is a fact quite hidden from the public and unknown to almost everyone in Western Europe and North America.

And the conditions endured by European captives in the Ottoman Empire were infinitely worse than those experienced by Africans in the Americas. The latter generally worked on plantations and were permitted, and even encouraged, to marry and have families. By contrast, the Europeans in the Dar al-Islam suffered a terrible fate. Able-bodied men were generally branded and put to endless back-breaking labour, either as galley-slaves or as miners. They were not permitted to marry and were denied all semblance of family life or female companionship.

Young boys were invariably castrated – and raped – whilst women were consigned to the sex-slavery of the harem. The great humanitarian impulse to end slavery, from the late eighteenth century onwards, came entirely from the Christian West, and by the mid-nineteenth century it was stamped out completely in most Christian lands. That slavery no longer exists (officially at least) in the majority of Muslim territories is due entirely to the efforts of Westerners, and in fact Muslim societies vigorously resisted all attempts by Europeans to stamp out the slave trade in Africa during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. It was not in until the second half of the twentieth century that slavery was finally abolished in the Gulf States and the Arabian Peninsula – after intense Western pressure. Is it not about time that some of this information got through to students in our schools and colleges?”


The Islamic Trade in European Slaves > Emmet Scott

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