Globalism is related to the ever-growing wealth and power of corporate entities that have immense control over politicians, bureaucrats and government as a whole. I expect the future to be, if present conditions continue, to be a one-world government under the control of tyrannical elites and the corporations they own and/or control.


Handled the Taco Bell kitchen back in 1981. Believe it was before the Pepsi invasion. Actual cooking of beef and adding spices. LARGE metal vats with gas flame below. Cooked gallons of meat at a time. Hard-shell tacos started as soft shell, placed in metal forms, then dipped in hot oil to make them hard and golden brown. Sure hard on the hands as hot oil splattered me constantly. Tomatoes and other veggies went through the slicer every day. Fresh produce delivered daily and prepared for use by us. A much-higher quality product.

But, as typical, monolithic corporate entities invade and maximizing profit to be delivered to multi-millionaire executives and the tiny percentage of wealthy elites that own the vast majority of stocks (it is not the common folks of the planet) send prices soaring and quality plummets. This is true with car companies, apparel firms along with food and every product and service imaginable. The downward quality push and upward price spiral is FORCED upon independent firms trying to buck the evil trends of ever-growing monolithic corporate systems. Tyranny has risen as warned by the Founders in their writings. Patriots, prepare.


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