Finland’s Migrant Rapes Soar 157% in One Year, Whistleblower Speaks


“Police data reveals a massive spike in sexual crimes committed by migrants in the Finnish city of Oulu, after the authorities allegedly covered up a grooming gang scandal similar to the ones that took–and continue to take–place in the United Kingdom.

The grooming gang scandal was revealed in December 2018 in the northwest Finnish city, victimizing several underage girls, including the repeated rape of a ten-year-old girl, and the shocking lengthy abuse led one girl to commit suicide.

The revelation of the grooming gang scandal, despite pro-multicultural policies and narratives, rocked Finland. According to the data, rape offenses where “crimes in which the suspect is a foreign citizen” jumped 157.14% from 2018 to 2019.”


Europe for Europeans. Kick those filthy barbarians OUT and put the traitors that brought the barbarians into Europe into HARD-LABOR camps for lengthy sentences!!!


EXCLUSIVE: Finland’s Migrant Rapes Soar 157% in One Year, Whistleblower Speaks – National File

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