Quebec City man charged with woman’s murder was on day parole for ex-spouse’s brutal slaying


“Gallese was sentenced in 2006 to life in prison with no chance of parole for 15 years for the 2004 second-degree murder of Chantale Deschênes who, according to parole documents, he struck on the head with a hammer and stabbed several times, enraged by her decision to leave him.”

Perhaps those pussy Canadians who allow vicious murdering thugs to roam free and brutally murder more people deserve that traitor Trudeau scum and all the other traitors actively importing the Moslem horde into that crappy Canada insane asylum. Those Moslems at least do not allow criminal filth to spit upon society and prey upon helpless folks.

If Islam ever conquers Canada it might actually be an improvement. The same may be true for that cesspool Britain. Those pussies also treat their vile criminal filth with tenderness and loving care. Due to Britain’s proximity to the Moslem barbarian’s invasion routes it will likely become a caliphate before Canada but anything is possible in a Western world where traitor filth fill political positions and government bureaucracies and citizen-traitors strive to import as many barbarian scum possible, both Moslem and other feral filth from 2nd- and 3rd-world countries striving to enter and feast upon the easy prey awaiting them.

If Islam does conquer Canada the USA will simply declare a state of limited war against the festering pustule to its north and implement a free-fire zone where any human crossing the no-barbarians-land is destroyed by whatever weapon is present. Crossing points will allow basic trade, if any, but since the Islamic infestation is primal evil it would be best to not allow anything from that diseased perverted gone-with-the-wind country to enter the USA.

Of course, Canada can change its ways and become a Western warrior country where filthy barbarians are kicked out and vile criminal filth will never do a repeat performance as shown with this latest of a multitude of news stories about the pussification of Canada.


Quebec City man charged with woman’s murder was on day parole for ex-spouse’s brutal slaying | CBC News

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