Overlordship – definition of overlordship by The Free Dictionary


“Definition, Synonyms, Translations of overlordship by The Free Dictionary”

Overlordship – definition of overlordship by The Free Dictionary


Conquered Brit-speak accents the “lord” portion of “overlordship” while not-yet-conquered-by-Moslem-slime USA folks accent the “over” portion of the word.

What is it within the Brit persons that compels those weak cowardly punks to accent their portion of the word? Is it the same mental state that has allowed those idiots to accept their tyrannical traitor overlords to either actively import hordes of barbarian filth of all types with the Moslem filth the most dangerous but even allowing herds of Negroes who, again, repeatedly prove that crime and inflicting pain, suffering and death is apparently an internal drive within them thus making those sub-humans incompatible with living in a civilized society where better, more advanced breeds of humans live, or ignore the invasion and the perils it brings?

The Brits are screwed. If their military does not revolt and commence cleansing that island of refuse using any and every means required that once proud Western country is doomed to becoming a caliphate.

The USA mindset accents the “over” in overlordship. Is that because We, the People recognize that tyrants strive to enslave common folks to various degrees? Sadly, technology has given immense propaganda power to the socioeconomic groups that can afford the indoctrination dissemination systems that are very effective upon a sizable percentage of the common folks. Is the USA destined to follow the path Britain is spiraling downwards upon? Will the much-needed Revolutionary War Two ever occur? A successful military coup by patriot officers would be the most effective method of clearing out the tyrants seeking overlordship of We, the People.

Is Western civilization doomed? All Western countries are under attack by what some learned folks label a New World Order that seeks a one-world government that will be controlled by the world’s tyrannical elites. The immense wealth and power of the corporate system will be the armored knights of this era’s royalty. The peasants are helpless before the onrush of corporate systems and their cohorts attained by the unholy alliances between big business and governments at all levels of governance.

The power amassed against the common folks is more formidable that what any single country has created, including the USA. To defeat the tyrannical evil constantly bashing upon the common folks with their propaganda and indoctrination and, at times, using the legal system to defeat individual commoner enemies, the militaries of each country under attack must use whatever force is required to defeat and nullify the evil forces that would enslave the people of first, the Western countries with the 2nd- and 3rd-world soon to follow.

The likely hold-outs will be certain Asiatic countries such as China, Japan, Korea, etc. There we have the East-West scenario depicted in some dystopian future fictional works.

Patriots… how do we defeat the evil enveloping us?


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