Killed in action in Peacetime


“On 15 June 1985, following completion of a routine repair project at a base in Greece, Stethem and four other members of his unit were returning to the U.S. aboard TWA Flight 847 when Shiite Muslim terrorists hijacked the flight and diverted it to Beirut, Lebanon. The terrorists singled out Stethem and another Seabees for physical abuse. While the aircraft sat at the Beirut airport, the terrorists savagely beat Stethem over a prolonged period, and finally killed him with a bullet to the head. They then callously dumped his battered body out of the plane onto the tarmac.

A stewardess later testified that SW2 Stethem “was a very courageous man. He never made a sound’ while being beaten. After lengthy negotiations over a period of two weeks, the remaining passengers were first turned over to the Shiite Amal organization and finally freed. The four original terrorists made good their escape into Beirut.

The hijackers were later identified, and one of their number, Muhammad Ali Hamadi, was arrested in West Germany in the midst of another terrorist plot. Identified as the terrorist who killed Stethem, Hamadi was tried and convicted of air piracy and murder. Hamadi was spared Stethem’s fate and showed mercy where he showed none for Germany has no death penalty. He is currently serving a life sentence in a West German prison”


Any Western country allowing the barbarian filth to enter are committing suicide. The Western traitors allowing the filth to enter Western lands must be herded up and placed in labor camps where the filth can never do any harm again. The Moslem horde must be driven out and sent back to their Mohammedan cesspools and never allowed to return.


Killed in action in Peacetime

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