Buffalo bishop under fire for handling of misconduct resigns


“Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Richard Malone, amid widespread criticism about how he handled allegations of clergy sexual misconduct.”

Pope Frank is selling out all of Western civilization to the invading Moslem hordes. That fiend is a traitor to all of Western civilization and needs to be sent far far away and a true Western warrior appointed to replace him to assemble and guide the Western armies required to save Western civilization from the barbarian hordes.

If the barbarians succeed Western civilization is gone and a New Dark Age will descend with the Western people become serfs at best and abject slaves in a worst-case scenario.


Buffalo bishop under fire for handling of misconduct resigns – AOL News


pope border unChristian vatican invasion Europe



Pope traitor Islam Moslem Christian morality



warriors western drive out Islam



Ancestors warriors fight cave bear



Second crusade warrior armor



Western warrior crusade



crusade warrior battle fight back barbarian dead



fighting Islam starts with you




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