Macron lectures Putin on ‘right to protest’ amid own crackdown on Yellow Vests


“‘Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to tell Russia’s Vladimir Putin that a “true democracy” should treat protesters with respect. In France, anti-Macron protesters have been met with police batons for the past 40 weekends.The two leaders met ahead of the G7 summit, which Russia will not be part of, to talk about issues both bilateral and international. Amid the mostly-amicable exchange, the French president scaled the moral high ground to admonish Putin for his treatment of protesters at home. “

Patriots, the tyrannical elites using that traitor filth Macron to spit upon you deserves a fun-filled life at HARD-LABOR under military control performing muscle-straining sweat-creating physical labor for ten-hours daily eating boring bland food and no entertainment of any kind. That is the earned fate of filthy traitors spitting upon Western people, cultures, societies and countries.

Every traitor and tyrant backing them deserves the same fate. And the invading barbarian filth must be driven out. Stay on the current path and slavery awaits all the people of Western civilization.


David Icke | Macron lectures Putin on ‘right to protest’ amid own crackdown on Yellow Vests

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