Donald Trump says Emmanuel Macron has insulted the NATO alliance


“The president was responding to his French counterpart’s recent comments that the 70-year-old military alliance was experiencing “brain death”.




Macron is a subservient lackey of his elite-class tyrant masters. Macron is a traitor not only to the common folks of France but to all Western people in Western countries.




NATO is a failure. An ongoing invasion of barbarians from afar is destroying Western countries. A flood of news reports tells the sordid tale of Western citizens murdered, raped, molested, beaten, maimed and harmed economically. Areas of Western countries have become 3rd-world-like and typically at taxpayer expense. Traitors in every Western country are either actively assisting these invasions or are ignoring the growing threat and do nothing to stop what will eventually destroy our beloved Western civilization.


Macron Don't worry, all is under control


A New Dark Age approaches and if the West fails to repulse the invading barbarians all that we are is doomed.


Macron traitor to France

Donald Trump says Emmanuel Macron has insulted the NATO alliance – AOL News

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