Blandland – YouTube

Video located at bottom of page. My ranting comes first


If Russia offered to send those Moslem barbarians slithering back to the filthy cesspools they slithered out of perhaps NATO should offer all of Sweden to Russia to prevent that putrid place from becoming a caliphate. For every country Russia is allowed to conquer and rule and drive out the Moslem filth… and other barbarian scum such as sub-Saharan Africa beasts that are swarming into Europe and committing atrocities of all types… give the USA a country to conquer and oust the Moslem and 3rd-world barbarian filth.

Germany is ripe for take-over. Traitor Merkel and other traitors are destroying that country and a caliphate is a strong possibility long-term. Let’s divide that useless dump swarming with barbarians that hate Western cultures and people and force the filthy Moslems and various barbarians out of that country… at bayonet-point if required. Or worse if the filth force our hand.

Britain also needs cleansing. I wonder if NATO started an invasion and offered to arm every British Western warrior if they assist with cleansing that ancient land of its barbaric hordes if the uprising would overwhelm not only the filth destroying that land, culture, society and country but that the Western traitors within would receive their deserving reward with hard-labor sentences for up to life terms for the worst offenders?

Australia and New Zealand also are being overrun. Western warrior Brenton Tarrant is shoved into a cell by Western traitor politicians and bureaucrats using a perverted legal system that assists the conquering Moslem hordes with continuing their 1,400 year tradition of invade and conquer. Free Tarrant!!! Form an army around him and drive out the invading filth that if not ejected will force the infidels to submit after they have garnered enough numbers and power. Even the USA federal Congress is infested with Moslem filth and CAIR spits upon Western people as they also continue the 1,400 year goal of forcing Islam upon the world.

A War of Civilizations is ongoing and Western leadership is failing to confront the most powerful enemy it has ever faced. Traitors within the Western ranks hold much economic and political power. Patriots, our enemies are many and are found within and outside our sacred lands that the barbarians continue to flood with “refugee” warriors intent upon domination. If we lose this war a New Dark Age descends and our progeny will face serfdom and ever servitude as abject slaves to extremely cruel masters that despise us.


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