Sacred Deception – Taqiyya – Political Islam


“a Muslim does not cheat another Muslim in business a Muslim doesn’t kill another Muslim a Muslim doesn’t touch another Muslim’s wife and a Muslim doesn’t lie to another MuslimYou notice something here? That’s right. You and I are left out because you see Islam is not a symmetric ethical system. The golden rule is symmetric. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That is, there’s a balance here; the other and yourself are seen as equal. But in Islam if you’re a Kafir, you’re never equal to the Muslim. Islam does not have a golden rule. The Kafir is always inferior.”

Video at the link, Western warriors and patriots. Know your enemy!!! They know you and consider you an enemy personally and against the death cult they want to force upon all Western countries. NO!!! Not just the West but ALL countries of the world!!!

Western civilization is in peril from invading barbarians AND from traitors in our midst. Will you submit or are you going to join with other patriots and make the plans for the most effective method(s) of saving our sacred lands, cultures, societies and countries?


Sacred Deception – Taqiyya – Political Islam








Western traitors and their servant lackey Westerners placed this hero in a prison cell. That is where traitors belong. Western warriors belong in the fight against the invading hordes that seek to enslave the West.



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