Syrian and Afghan Asylum Seekers Attack Village Disco with Machetes



“Similar incidents have taken place in Germany since 2015. In the town of Plauen, asylum seekers were banned from a local disco after several violent incidents and sex attacks on young girls.Problems with sex attacks became so bad in Hamburg that an experienced bouncer remarked in 2016 that women were afraid to go out alone at night.”

Similar and other incidents are ongoing. When will Germany and other Western countries become caliphates with the Western infidels enslaved? They deserve it if they fail to rise up and destroy the invaders and the traitors among them. Define “destroy” as you will. I support life sentences at HARD-LABOR for Western traitor filth. Even Merkel can do some type of boring labor and eat only the most bland, boring food and have no entertainment of any type. Make the traitor lives miserable!!! And seize all their assets so that the wealth can not be used by other traitors to spit upon Western civilization.

The military and law enforcement will herd the barbarians out of Western lands. Peaceful methods, if possible but the barbarians have declared war against the West so if forced to let nothing stop Western warriors from removing the evil from our midst.

Syrian and Afghan Asylum Seekers Attack Village Disco with Machetes

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