Genocide: China Bulldozing Dozens of Uighur Muslim Cemeteries


“The Chinese Communist Party has razed dozens of Uighur Muslim cemeteries in western Xinjiang province to create more “civilized” areas, the Agence-France Presse (AFP) reported on Wednesday. China has taken over Uighur burial rites and replaced them with Communist Party-controlled cremations staged in “burial management centers” that ban religious activity surrounding the handling of a person’s remains. Uighur locals and activists have accused China of attempting to erase the ethnic minority’s history and uproot them from their ancestral home.”

The Islamic invading horde invaded western China and forced the people to convert to Islam. Hooray for China for standing up to those barbarian filth who have and continue to spread their death cult across the world. Whatever is required to stop those barbarian filth is fine with me. Drive the filth back to what? The lands they took by force until 1,000 AD? I do not know. Give the filth enough land to exist upon then set the boundaries. Cross those boundaries and annihilation of the invaders is guaranteed.

The vile scum WILL use ANY tactic so expect little children to be included in the group of invaders expecting the weak West to allow them entrance. Okay. Seize the youth and kill the rest. Then, perhaps, drop a few precision-guided weapons upon the leadership of the country sending the invaders. Moslems will use any weakness in their enemies against them. The West MUST be tough as nails or face the possibility of being forced to submit to a filthy horde who will use any tactic, even murdering Western children, to attain their goal of spreading Islam.

Perhaps Russia, China, India, the USA and any other countries wanting to join is should declare our own jihad against the Islamic barbarians and teach those filth a lesson they never forget!!!

The linked-to article writer appears to hold an anti-China view with a possible pro-Islam view. Piss on him!!! He can go live in Iran or Saudi Arabia. I recommend Somalia. Good place for him.

Genocide: China Bulldozing Dozens of Uighur Muslim Cemeteries

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