Man admits ramming police car, axe attack


“When Taylor saw the blue and red lights in the distance, he turned up the “religious music” playing on his stereo and slammed his vehicle into the back of the stationary police car. Const Treloar’s head snapped back and rebounded into the windscreen as he was shunted into the vehicle he had pulled over. Within seconds, Taylor had smashed his window with the axe. The officer called for back-up before climbing over the central console and escaping from the passenger door.

As Const Treloar ran off, Taylor pursued him “with the tomahawk raised about his head for approximately 40 metres before giving up”. “Throughout the attack the defendant was yelling `Allahu Akbar’,” a police summary said. Const Treloar was whisked away from the scene by a member of the public while Taylor returned to the abandoned police car. He smashed both headlights and two side windows and made various holes and dents in the car, causing $31,7420 of damage. The defendant, the court heard, then rummaged around in the car, donned police garments and began yelling religious passages.”

Where’s Western warrior hero Brenton Tarrant when needed? At least he didn’t run in fear from the invading horde. Release that patriot held in a cell by traitors to the West. The Islamic horde is continuing its 1,400 years of invading and conquering, intent upon dominating the entire world with their death cult.

Such a shame that New Zealand’s head traitor can not be shipped off to an Islamic country where the wench could be sold off as a sex slave thus no longer able to spit upon the Western people of New Zealand.

Surely better as a Moslem’s slave or concubine than the leader of a Western country.


Man admits ramming police car, axe attack | Otago Daily Times Online News

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