UK: Gambian Migrant Subjects 11-year-old to ‘Horrifying’ Rape

“A Gambian migrant has been imprisoned forcing his way into an 11-year-old girl’s bedroom and subjecting her to a “horrifying” rape in Bradford, England.Haji Kaloga, 31, wrapped his hands around the child’s neck and said “Who’s the man?” he threw her on the ground and carried out what judge Andrew Haslam QC described as a “quite horrifying sexual assault”, the Telegraph and Argus reports.“

He made her promise not to tell anyone and if she did, he would kill her,” prosecutor Christine Egerton told the court — but, after the attack was over, she was able to escape the rapist by leaping out of a first-floor window and calling police.”

Britain, your traitor leaders are flooding your country with barbarians. When are you cowards going to surrender and allow the invasions to succeed and make you cowardly Westerners in Britain servants of your barbarian Moslem and 3rd-world barbarian masters? Do you cowards want your women and little girls to be sex slaves of those beasts? What is WRONG with you cowards?

UK: Gambian Migrant Subjects 11-year-old to ‘Horrifying’ Rape

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