Ex-Spy Chief Says Merkel’s Open Border Policy Created “Security Crisis” For Germany


“The former director of Germany’s foreign intelligence service has accused Angela Merkel of creating a “security crisis” in Germany as a result of her open border refugee policy.Speaking to the Sunday Express on a brief visit to the UK, Dr August Hanning said the German chancellor had displayed “political weakness” by flip flopping between denying the severity of the problem and admitting it was a bad decision.

“We have seen the consequences of this decision in terms of German public opinion and internal security – we experience problems very day,” he said.“We have criminals, terrorist suspects and people who use multiple identities. Those who carried out the Berlin attacks used 12 different identities,” added Hanning. “While things are tighter today, we still have 300,000 people in Germany of whose identities we cannot be sure. That’s a massive security risk,” he warned.

After Merkel abolished normal border controls back in 2015, Germany took in over 1.5 million migrants from affected countries in a single year. According to the German government’s own statistics, violent crime in Germany rose by 10 per cent between 2015 and 2016, when the country began accepting large numbers of migrants, many of them young men. More than 90 per cent of the rise was attributable to young male “refugees”.”

Traitor Merkel and every other filthy traitor in ALL Western countries need to be arrested and face military tribunals. If found guilty of aiding and abetting the barbarian invasion they must spend the rest of their lives undergoing HARD-LABOR under military control along with seizure of ALL their assets. Traitors are politicians, bureaucrats and civilians assisting the invaders. All traitors must be punished to some degree. Get that task done then start the process of driving all the barbarians back to their cesspool homelands!!!

Some POSSIBLE exceptions since Westerners tend to be a compassionate people. However, barbarians have used and abused us and THAT WILL END!!!

Ex-Spy Chief Says Merkel’s Open Border Policy Created “Security Crisis” For Germany – Summit News

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