Traitors serving their tyrannical elite-class masters intent upon destroying Western civilization. Western countries are the main barrier to a New World Order and a one-world government owned by those tyrant elite filth. Destroy Western countries and the tyrants can step in and take control. The barbarian hordes brought into the West as weapons to divide and conquer will be used to control the enslaved Western people. Do you have any doubts that those African and Moslem barbarians will have any problem with murdering any infidel not obeying them or the tyrant overlords?

Your wives and daughters will be at the barbarians’ mercy. Expect sex slave markets to appear in the defeated Western lands. Countries will no longer exist and borders will be meaningless as a New Dark Age descends upon the once-powerful Western civilization sold out by tyrants and traitors.

Where were the Western warriors to fight and defend their civilization and protect their women, future historians will ask.

Video at the link:


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