Islamization of Europe – What You Didn’t Know – YouTube



Traitors selling out our beloved Western civilization. Western warriors, our enemies are the traitors among our own people and the invading barbarian hordes. The video does not mention the traitors who are attacking all of Western civilization (thus all Western countries) because the West is their largest barrier to establishing their lusted-for New World Order that includes a one-world-government and eventual globalism where a small ruling tyrannical elite will lord over all the people of the world.

The end of the nation-state and borders and migrants from 2nd- and 3rd-world areas invading the successful areas. The overlords will have law enforcement and the military to force the masses to obey. Serfdom and possible slavery awaits all who are not a member of the elites or their lackey bureaucrats and enforcement arms. Imagine being a Westerner infidel with Moslem warlords and their warriors placed in control over you by the ruling elites. Is there any doubts that their methods will be more than harsh? Disobey and you die. Your women taken as slaves as allowed by the Islamic death cult “religion.”

This topic is incredibly complex but its’ happening IS POSSIBLE!!!! Look at Europe now. What will it be in 50-years if Western warriors do not act soon and cage those vile evil traitors and drive the invading barbarians out of our beloved homelands. Canada’s head traitor is filling that country with barbarians. Even the USA has barbarian broads infesting its Congress and Moslem’s rampage throughout the USA. Tyranny is loose upon the world. Where are the Western warrior leaders to guide the masses to prevent a New Dark Age from descending upon us that could be eternal due to the immense power that technology gives to ruling elites and the monolithic corporate entities they own and control.

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