Dump “Access Islam” from Public Schools

The attacks against the USA are the same or similar to what other Western countries are experiencing. Europe, you are in severe danger. Do all you can to muster law enforcement and all your military establishments to support the patriot cause of saving our beloved Western civilization and countries. Moslem barbarians and non-Islamic barbarian invaders are being used as one weapon against us. The filthy vile traitors among us trying to grab wealth and power for themselves are also striving to be our new overlords, The tyrants and their lackeys such as politician and bureaucrat lackeys MUST BE CAPTURED and made harmless. Perhaps work camps where those filth ensure our city streets are extremely clean and the parks immaculate. After work back to their cage where the filth can contemplate the evils committed against the common folks of the West.

Whatever is required to defeat evil and save our Western civilization must be done… before it is too late.

USA & Western civilization under attack


Did you see, hear or read anything about indoctrinating school children with Islamic principals via the tyrannical elite-owned media? I have and shared what I learned in this blog but the barbarians’ efforts are increasing and traitors are ensuring the Islamists have growing access to your children . While researching other topics about the many evils Islam and Moslems are constantly committing against the USA all Western countries I came across a Clarion Project report about “Back to School: Islamist Indoctrination for US Kids?”
Links within the article led to other information sources including the chang.org petition (closed) used as the basis of this blog entry. The link above should be looked at for the information there. CAIR, a vile evil mob of barbarians disguised in business suits has a national headquarters and cells located across the USA that actively and endlessly does all it can to prepare…

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