Rotherham abuse: Five men jailed for a total of 63 years


“Five men (Mohammedans?) have been sentenced to a total of 63 years for sexually abusing scores of young girls in Rotherham. Aftab Hussain, 40, was sentenced to 24 years in prison, and Abid Saddiq, 38, to 20 years by the judge at Sheffield Crown Court, who described Saddiq as a “cunning and determined sexual predator”. Masaued Malik, 35, was jailed for five years; Sharaz Hussain, 35, for four years; and one man who cannot be named for legal reasons was jailed for 10 years. Malik was told that his sentence will follow on from a 15-year term he is already serving for similar offences. The men were convicted of a number of child sexual abuse offences, including rape and sexual assault, as part of an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA).”

Read the comment section at the bottom of the article. So many Western patriots fed up with the invading filth. The Western traitors forcing these barbarians upon us will feel our wrath some day when we unite and start rounding up the traitor filth among us and place them in hard-labor camps for decades or longer and we drive the filthy barbarians out of our sacred Western lands back to the cesspools those filth slithered out of.

Rotherham abuse: Five men jailed for a total of 63 years

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