Australia to deport Muslim migrant for “sickening sex assault” on 3-year-old while on duty as security guard


“Yesterday Jihad Watch reported on this story, and here is a new development: “Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his government will ‘boot out’ a convicted child sex offender all the way back to his homeland Iraq once his prison sentence has been finished. Iraqi-born refugee Mohammad Hassan Al Bayati, 30, was sentenced Tuesday for the sickening sexual assault of a three-year-old girl in December 2016.”Kudos to Morrison.

Al Bayati worked as a security guard, and used his position of trust to lead a three-year-old toddler away and sexually assault her. He was caught on camera. Al Bayati then berated the toddler’s mother about leaving the child unattended. He subsequently denied the assault “despite being found guilty,” and reportedly boasted to detectives “to check his phone to ‘see how many girls I have.’” Although every culture has sex offenders, Islam is the only faith that sanctions sex abuse of infidels, even children.”

Will that vile Islam-loving prime minister of New Zealand:

and other traitors in New Zealand and Australia jump to defend that Moslem barbarian? Will the elite-owned tyrannical media across the Western world demand justice for the Moslems they adore and do all they can to assist the 1,400 invasion and conquest of non-Islamic countries? Maybe this vile crime is so disgusting that even the filthy vile traitors within the West will keep their foul mouths shut.

Australia to deport Muslim migrant for “sickening sex assault” on 3-year-old while on duty as security guard

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