Sydney attacker in the back of a police van after he ‘slashed a sex worker’s throat’


“Chilling footage has emerged of the moments after the police arrested a bloodied knifeman accused of going on a violent rampage through central Sydney.The city was thrown into chaos on Tuesday afternoon when Mert Ney, 21, stormed through the centre of the city brandishing a large kitchen knife. A woman was found with her throat slashed inside a nearby unit and another was found in the back of a pub with a stab wound to her back.Ney was detained at about 2pm as heroic bystanders made a citizens’ arrest, and police were soon on the scene. He was hauled into a police van, where footage showed him laying on his back rambling to himself.’Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,’ he shouts.’God is the greatest, Allahu is the only god. He will protect me.'”

I wonder how long after Britain becomes a caliphate with the infidels slaves of their Moslem masters that Australia and then New Zealand surrender to the horde of Islamic barbarians?

There may be a very slight possibility that Western warriors will rise up and remove the many traitors in their midst then muster law enforcement, the military and all the patriots and take up arms and force those barbarian filth out of the Western land the Islamic armies invaded.

Sydney attacker in the back of a police van after he ‘slashed a sex worker’s throat’ | Daily Mail Online

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