Five Migrants Convicted After Filming Gang Rape Of 13-Year-Old


“Five asylum seekers aged between 17 and 22 have been convicted in a court in Austria of raping a 13-year-old girl.The incident occurred in October of last year and saw the 13-year-old girl meet the five asylum seekers at the central railway station in Graz.The young men are said to have lured the young teen to an apartment where they gave her alcohol and other substances before making her undress.”

The traitors to Western civilization operating the European Union will be extremely angry with Austrian authorities for harassing the beloved migrants whose rights supersede those of nobody Austrian citizens. Sanctions against Austria are assuredly imminent.

Austria should have sentenced those filth to life at hard-labor with no entertainment and the most bland, boring feed conceivable. Make those invading filth regret the day they entered sacred Western soil. Hanging would be good but is too quick. Maybe require 20 years of hard-labor then hang the filthy scum.

Invading sacred Western soil really should be a death sentence applied where the invaders is caught. Children under 15 will be caught alive and sent back to the cesspool they came from.

Five Migrants Convicted After Filming Gang Rape Of 13-Year-Old

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