Motion 103, free speech and Islamophobia in Canada


“In 2017, Canadian House of Commons approved a Motion condemning “Islamophobia.” It was submitted in the Canadian Parliament by a Liberal MP with alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, Iqra Khalid. Ms. Khalid is of Pakistani origin – a country that criminalizes Islamophobia and any criticism of Islam. She presented this motion, which appears to give Islam a privilege above any other faith in Canada.

Iqra Khalid made her suggestions to the Canadian Parliament, saying: “Based on the views and opinions in the Parliament, the government must work seriously to stop the climate of hatred and fear by the Canadian people.’’ She added: “We have to condemn Islamophobia in the country,” as well as the fear of Islam in the West. This is one of many types of repression by Liberals of the freedom of speech in Canada; it shows how the Muslim Brotherhood and its followers in Canada have infiltrated the Liberal government.”

Will Canada become the first caliphate in North America? If so, should NATO invade and destroy that filthy foreign enemy to Western civilization? Or do we behave as the New World Order tyrants demand that we do… submit?

Personally, before I submit to barbarism I will follow the traditions of Western warriors of the past and give my all battling the invading filth. Take as many of the barbarians into eternity with me as possible. Perhaps be an effective warrior and emerge alive and victorious and ensure the filthy scum never invade again. Of course, the traitors that assisted the foreign invaders following their 1,400 year commitment to enslave the world will be herded and placed in labor camps where the treatment and food is acceptable but the bastards will sweat away as they finally, likely for the first time. perform useful work.

Do not enter slavery gently, Western warriors. The enemy has  invaded and their victories are constant. Prepare properly. Use every legal lawful method first. Only as a last resort follow quality leadership and prepare for what is being forced upon us by invading barbarian filth.

Motion 103, free speech and Islamophobia in Canada

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