Macron Denounces Nationalism as a ‘Betrayal of Patriotism’ – MGTOW – YouTube

France, will you become an Islamic caliphate? Will you allow traitors serving their elite-class masters to destroy France and its Western cultures? Will foreign barbarians enter in such huge numbers that the elites and their politician lackeys can use those filthy barbarians as an enforcement arm to force French people to become serfs and/or slaves?

Or will the people of France rise up and send the invading Moslem filth running back to the cesspools they slithered out of and force those filthy vile 80 IQ sub-Saharan savages back to their disgusting homelands and then send those vile tyrannical elites and their lap-dog lackeys to labor camps for terms from years to decades to life at HARD-LABOR for spitting upon France and all of Western civilization for too damn long?

Wait too long and the battle will be lost with the masses of common folks, the French people, facing a New Dark Age.


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