UK: Hundreds of Iranian Muslim migrants pour into England from the English Channel


Simply more Islamic warriors to assist the invading Moslem horde. As the barbarian numbers grow and their extremely-high birth rate spits out more Moslem vermin the day of conquest is fast-approaching.

I wonder how well the non-Moslem Brits will accept their inferior status as slaves to their latest masters. It’s likely some to many will submit and become Moslems themselves. History has shown that the island that is a nipple perched upon the tip of the breast of Europe has been repeatedly invaded and conquered. History repeats itself.

I would prefer fighting to the death taking as many Moslem filth into eternity with me as possible before I would submit to barbarian filth. Some anger and rage would also be directed at the Western traitors assisting the invading horde.

UK: Hundreds of Iranian Muslim migrants pour into England from the English Channel



Islam will dominate the world



Europe traitors



Soros Europe borderss refugees



Allah Europe invader Moslem

Assistance by European traitor filth is of great assistance. Place traitors in labor camps for life and muster the Western warriors to drive the barbarian invaders out of Europe. Peacefully, if possible, but using every and any weapon at hand if the invading filth refuse to leave our beloved Western homelands.



Thanks Dad White minority



George Soros enemy



Europe invasion boat Africans

The invasion of Western countries includes vicious barbarians from sub-Saharan Africa where low-IQ is the norm. Many are feral vicious beasts that are destroyers, not creators. 80 IQ ravaging hordes that take by force anything the beasts desire. Doubt me.Label me racist. After enough of you indoctrinated idiots experience the horrors awaiting you reality will finally enter your thoughts. If you are still alive.



Progressive woman women guide to jihad rape feminist

Tyrannical elite-owned propaganda sources bombard the masses with accepting their fate as the barbarian hordes increase in number throughout Western civilization. Patriots do their best to counter the tyrant’s brainwashing but too many weak-minded Western folks fall for the propaganda. The brainwashed females will make excellent slaves for their Moslem masters. The unlucky ones will belong to a bestial barbarian from sub-Saharan Africa.



sex slave Moslem master refugees



radical Islam kill them us fight or die



Moslem kids children learning to kill infidels tolerate Islam



Mohammed banner protest



France Europe political correctness



Europe Netherlands sharia Islam dominate world

Surely the tyrannical elites will use these barbarians as their enforcement arm when they take control of Western countries. These filth will gladly force infidels to submit to the new overlords. Submit or die. Your women raped and taken as sex slaves.



Attack Moslems



Stop Islamization



American refugees fight back

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