Paul Weston: Multiculturalism – An Evil Ideology Designed To Destroy The West


“Until very recently British politicians and journalists were forever eulogizing on the merits of a multicultural society. They told us how enriching it was and how we should celebrate our vibrant diversity hitherto unavailable in the racially stale and homogenous West. However, despite these outpourings of praise verging on the messianic I have yet to hear any of them elaborate on the concrete positives of multiculturalism. Just one instance would suffice, but multiculturalism’s adherents prefer to praise in the general rather than the specific. As such they are just words with no meaning and no intention of meaning, other perhaps than that of deliberate subterfuge.”

Follow the link to read the entire excellent essay.

Evil forces including vile traitors within the West want to destroy you and me and all we know and our entire blessed Western ways of life. We can not allow that to happen. All of Western civilization is in peril. Traitors among us are vilifying Western warrior heroes such as Brenton Tarrant who, instead of leading our forces in battle has been placed in a cell by traitors and their lackeys who are “merely doing their jobs.”


Appeasing the Moslem barbarians. Does that New Zealand prime minister traitor believe she will receive better treatment from her Moslem masters after that barbarian horde takes control of that island? Maybe she will be a willing sex slave for whatever Moslem warrior buys her at auction. That filthy fiend female will be lucky of she is bid upon at all.

Paul Weston: Multiculturalism – An Evil Ideology Designed To Destroy The West

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