Katie Hopkins, Traditional Britain Conference 2018 – YouTube



Political correctness and adherence to the New World Order along with demanding the end of nation-states and the love of open borders and cultural Marxism as promoted by our beloved master George Soros requires that Britain along with all other Western countries be overrun with barbarians and Moslems and every other foreign filth imaginable so that a wonderful One-word government can be created.

Patriots are shouted down by the elite-owned tyrannical media. In the USA the current trend of tyrannical media is to glorify the invading barbarians and create sympathy in the brainwashed citizen-sheep for the invading barbarians by convincing the masses that the government is operating DEATH CAMPS and acting akin to NAZIS in the manner the invading hordes are being treated!!!! The lying media is unopposed by traitors in government!!! The tiny voices of patriots in government and among the citizenry voicing the truth is a tiny peep compared to the bellowing SHOUT of the media lies.

Prepare for any eventuality, patriots. Powerful forces backed by immense wealth are spitting upon freedom and driving Western civilization towards being overwhelmed by tyrants and barbarians. To defeat those enemies may require war!!! Use every peaceful effort, patriots but those evil overwhelming forces may require Western warriors to overcome those vastly powerful forces of evil. Be prepared for every eventuality to save our beloved Western countries and civilization.


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