Ex-Muslim Woman Warns America, THEY’RE HERE TO KILL YOU! – YouTube

Traitors within the West are purposefully allowing or encouraging hordes of barbarians to enter Western countries. Evil plans are at work to create a tyrannical elite “royalty” that will lord over Western people who have been made serfs or slaves. Will the Moslem filth be the tyrants’ enforcement arm that forces the masses to obey the overlords? Those Moslem filth will gladly kill and/or rape any infidel the tyrannical elite overlords tell them to attack. Those barbarians will not need to await orders. Any sign of defiance and the serf or slave is taken care of immediately.

What other reason can there be for the traitors to allow or encourage hordes of barbarians of all types to invade Western countries? The elite-owned media indoctrinated the masses continuously with propaganda intended to make us Westerners feel guilty if we do not embrace the invading horde!!!

Every Western country is under assault. We need millions of Brenton Tarrants, the hero Western warrior of Christchurch fame, who fought back against the invading barbarian horde in the only manner available to him. We must try every peaceful method available. If ALL FAILS and the only option is enslavement then let loose the hounds of war and prepare for total war and the victory that preserves our beloved Western ways of life. I would rather die fighting for freedom than live as a slave. My wish is to take a thousand of those filthy barbarians and traitors into eternity with me.

Fight with legal peaceful methods, patriots!!!!

But, be prepared, just in case, and our leaders give the cry to commence the Holy War to defeat tyranny, evil and those filthy barbarian hordes!!!


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