Essay Guaranteed to Anger Many Folks

George Soros


That  Soros scum must be proud of the well-indoctrinated wench who expressed her distaste of President Trump by reportedly spitting upon Trump’s son.

Eric Trump says he was spit on at Chicago cocktail lounge

At a message board where censorship is extremely rare the above topic was covered. The thread is linked-to below:

Sue that bitch into oblivion. Feminists and Marxists and Lefties have a new hero. Beat her bloody?

One of the anonymous comments in that thread expresses many modern realities that is angering what I believe is a growing cohort within Western civilization. You do not have to agree with every aspect within the essay to be able to comprehend the anger prompting the writer to share his opinion. Here it is:

Further proof that Democrats are ruled by emotions rather than logic. Negroes, Hispanics, females, fags, dykes and other assorted deviants and degenerates lack the mind and temperament necessary to write world changing documents like the US Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. They lack the fortitude and ingenuity to hack civilization out of a dangerous wilderness that spanned an entire continent. To transform a country whose origins started as a fledgling colony into the most powerful country in history in four short centuries.

Enlightened white men did these things. White men created almost every modern convenience they utilize, enjoy and take for granted without acknowledging the incredible minds that created these things. In their infinite wisdom the Founding Fathers understood the deficiency of women and mud people and thus only gave property owning, white males the right to vote. I say it’s time to return to the old standard, to alleviate women and nogs from the burden of the vote, a burden their child-like minds never really understood or grasped to begin with.

There is a huge number of Web sites that would delete that writing and likely ban the one leaving the message. That is their right. However, as the anger grows those entities that are anti-Western civilization may feel the wrath of the Wester warriors rising up to protect our beloved Western ways of life.


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