White Genocide Is Real In Their Own Words Full Documentary – YouTube



I believe that skin coloration is of minor to no importance for many folks. The nay-sayers and elite-owned media with their self-serving agendas label pro-White folks as White supremacists and separatists.  What those mislabeled folks take notice of is best stated as CULTURE. Birds of a feather do flock together. Note how the wealthy segregate themselves and there is no outcry over that. However, observe the immense media propaganda outrage when White folks at the lower levels of the socioeconomic hierarchy try to flock together and avoid other CULTURES they do not care to be around. The media is used by tyrant elites to indoctrinate the masses of common folks while the elites of the USA (and all Western countries) have a free pass to do almost anything they want… and too many of them are FORCING diversity and multiculturalism upon the common folks of every Western country. Divide and conquer. War has been declared upon Western civilization!!!


It is time to defy the tyrants lording over us.

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