Globalists Traitors discuss how to subvert Poland and destroy the country – YouTube


Prepare for war, Western warriors. Traitor filth plotting against Western civilization. Send the traitors to sub-Saharan Africa countries and let them try to impose their will upon those people.

As with all I can discover via the Web I was not there in person so I rely upon second, third or even fourth-person sources. If I was one of the wealthy elite tyrant filth such as traitor Soros I could hire teams of experts to find valid reputable content to convey my messages. Since I am relatively poor for a USA resident, though wealthy in comparison to the spit-upon North Korean common folk, I can only pass along information and sources others find or create. I do offer my opinions but much of those is based upon information from afar. Sigh. What’s a fellow to do other than to step in every few posts to remind folks that they need to use their own judgment and access to other sources to verify or denounce what is seen here.

I encourage you to make a comment below if your see/hear errors anywhere in this blog and especially if you can offer more exact, factual information. Thanks!!!






Evil tyrannical forces working steadily to destroy Western civilization. Root out those traitors

and place them in labor camps for life!!!


Macron globalism







The military and law enforcement must NOT obey and support traitors!!!  Fight the enemies of Western civilization!!!




I prefer hard labor. Have these traitor filth paving roads and digging ditches.











Western warriors have been pushed too far for too long. Time to start pushing back!!!
























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