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“This is a blog chronicling the Genocide of the European peoples, the greatest crime in all of history. Perhaps the survivors of a future age – the small, remnant European populations that still remain, in whatever holdouts and fastnesses they have found – will find it of historical interest. I hope it will help them understand how they came to be in the predicament they are in. And I hope it will hearten them to know that some people foresaw it and tried to prevent it.”

We are dealing with extremely complicated issues. Many groups and creeds and races and organizations and religions and ethnicities and… and… and… a multitude of aspects including class war and personal wealth, power and greed.

I believe that the Jewish folks are often blamed in a knee-jerk manner. I see evidence of Jewish and Israeli involvement with affairs that are harmful to Western civilization and Western countries but I also see a lot of harm caused by every group with a name or label. Traitors of all types within the West who are not Jewish are spitting upon Western civilization.

I include this blog not because of an apparent anti-Jew bias but because it is one of many Western patriot sites that care enough about our beloved Western civilization to share information with us. As with ALL information sources I urge all of us to not accept anything seen or read as being absolute truth. Opinions abound everywhere and rightfully so. Take great care before accepting other’s output as fact.

The complexity of the terrors attacking Western civilization are overwhelming. Please be rational and logical and weed out the lies and stupidity and “false-flag” information that the enemies purposefully spew trying to cause harm to our righteous cause.

And, as always, we MUST always take the high road and do all we can to use every peaceful method to save our beloved Western civilization. Force in every form must ONLY be used as the very last option.

About – Diversity Macht Frei

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