LIVE: Yellow Vests continue protests in Paris after European elections – YouTube


Macron globalist skunk cartoon France


Patriots, this is a start. Tyrannical elites are still spitting upon the European people and the worst of them still strive to destroy Western civilization. Invading barbarian filth remain unwanted among the logical, rational non-brainwashed Western cohort. The barbarians continue invading our sacred lands. In several countries the patriots fighting back against Western traitors and/or the invading enemies are subject to harassment and even attacked by a corrupt legal system!!!

The fight continues but we have far to go. Brenton Tarrant, the Western warrior of Christchurch, NZ must be freed!!! That patriot used the only method available to him to fight back against evil invaders using the same or similar tactics the death cult has used for 1,400 years. The traitor-infested government and tyrannical elite-class of New Zealand is spitting upon Western people and civilization and bowing down to the Invading barbarian Mohammedans.





Is the prime minister traitor wench of occupied New Zealand ever saddened at the innumerable Westerns maimed or murdered by the barbaric enemies of all decent folks? Does this filthy worthless freak believe that Islamic conquest is inevitable and that bowing down in appeasement now will giver her a better place within Moslem society?


The fight continue patriots. There is much to do in every Western country.

Use peaceful methods whenever possible. We are a quality people and so is our civilization. We make mistakes but we admit them and try to improve ourselves. Sadly, we are being forced into positions where acting like the barbaric invader filth may be our only option. Some of us may have acted with strength and power too soon but THIS IS WAR and judgments must be made. Do not condemn our warriors!!! Learn from their mistakes but DO NOT PROSECUTE WESTERN WARRIOR HEROES and if you do you prove to me you are a invader-lover and traitor to all Western patriots!!!

Peaceful methods, please. Do all we can until there is no option. If that time arrives burst forth with the savagery our ancestor warriors exhibited and make the planet tremble with our all-encompassing wrath and fury!!!!


Yellow Vest protesters take to the streets of Paris on Saturday, June 1, in what is the first demonstration after the European elections, which saw Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party come out as winner. Tens of thousands have marched in the streets of France every Saturday since November 2018, for a variety of grievances ranging from taxes on fuel to income inequality.

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