Gillette releases ad with trans man shaving for the first time

Propaganda as used by tyrannical elites to assist their agendas is a force not easily overcome. Prepare for any and every eventuality, patriots.

USA & Western civilization under attack

“Gillette has released a new advertisement featuring a trans man shaving for the first time as his father looks on with pride. The ad features Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, a young Canadian, who says, “…”

Read the comment section. Here is one of them:

“Please extend your boycott to all products distributed by Proctor and Gamble, which is Gillette’s parent company”

I agree. Advertising has taken a turn and is now propaganda trying to indoctrinate the masses to think in ways that promote a tyrannical elite-classes’ agendas.

Live and let live is how the vast majority of folks I know believe and behave. However, powerful forces within USA society want far more than live and let live. The comment I left awaits moderation. Here it is:

Indoctrination via propaganda has reached the elite-owned tyrannical advertising industries. The broadcast media, entertainment industries, educational systems and others have been spewing massive amounts of…

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